Soon after graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Computer Science, Homa realized that her true passion was to work with humans, not machines. It was this insight that led her to become a teacher once she moved out to California. She spent 10 wonderful years as an elementary teacher in the Cupertino school district while at the same time raising her two sons. During these years of teaching and nurturing her own children, Homa observed the effects of stress that gets transferred from teachers and parents to the children. It was her dream to bring peace and tranquility to adults so that the children could grow up in a healthy and nurturing environment, and it was this passion that led her to the practice of healing arts.

Since graduating from Diamond Light School of Massage in Marin in 2004, Homa has been working as a professional massage therapist through her own private practice in Saratoga. In 2009, she expanded her practice to Marin, where she now resides. Her work is based on a combination of a deep knowledge of physiology and meditative insight. Over the years, she has donated massage gift certificates to school districts throughout the Bay Area as a way of pursuing her commitment to promoting the well being of teachers and children. She is always striving to bring the best in her practice and hopes to serve as many she can.