"I have been seeing Homa for over five years. She is truly gifted. When she does body work, it is as if I am in a meditative state—I experience stillness in my mind and body. Through my work with Homa, I have learned the importance of embracing things in my life rather than push them away. Things like stress, anger and sadness. I have learned to be more compassionate with others and with myself. Homa has helped me to open up and have a different perception of the stress in my life, which has allowed me to feel more relaxed and at ease with myself and the stress around me. Every time I see Homa, I leave with a sense of balance and wholeness. Homa is a healer in many ways. I highly recommend her."

~ Kate R.

"A bodywork session with Homa leaves me feeling deeply relaxed in body and clear, calm, and expanded in mind. Homa uses her intuitive wisdom to personalize each session. I am most grateful to Homa for her talents."

~ Joan L.

"I have so much appreciation for Homa's work not only she helped my body but also my mind and spirit. Homa helped me stay grounded on my path."

~ Kathleen S.

"I came to our appointment expecting a good massage a little pampering for my tired body. I left with so much more. I left feeling revitalized and re-energized from my core, Through a sense of having my mind, my body and my spirit reconnected. Homa was the conduit so that I could reconnect to my inner spirit by her guided meditation, while she worked on my body. It was quite an amazing and an awakening experience, and I left with quite a few insights."

~ Virna

"I have been going to Homa for my body pains. She has helped me feel very relaxed. My breath was always short in my chest, but I feel my chest is open and I can breath deeper now. My posture is becoming more straight, My pains are getting less, and my mind feels expanded. I look forward for a happier and a healthier life, so I can spend more time with my grand kids."

~ Pancy

"I went to Homa because of a friend's recommendation. I had so much pain all over my body. With her skills and talent, she helped me release some of my physical as well as emotional pain with deep laughter and breathing techniques. I walked out of her session light and happy. Thanks to Homa, for helping me to liberate myself through deep laughter."

~ Carol

"I highly recommend Homa for her combination of body and soul therapy. She integrates body, mind and spirit into her practice in a powerful way, ensuring that her clients receive peace and clarity. Her skillful massage and bodywork help to release the emotional and physical stresses of everyday life."

~ Shelley D.

"I've been to chiropractors for years for chronic pain. I started going to Homa because of a friend's recommendation. To my surprise I left with a sense of calm. I have continued to go for a couple of months. My pain is diminished and I feel calmer and have stayed centered within myself. My visits have been a gift to myself."

~ Joan R.

"Homa Goodarzi brings a beautiful intelligence, skill and strength to her work. Her intelligence leads her to find the source of your mental or physical anguish and lead it out of your body. Her skill is in her variety of approaches that always work. Her strength is in her quiet insistence with her steady touch that permeates even the hardest places and makes the soften and calm down. Then she encourages even the weakest areas of your body to grow strong. I have had many massages in my lucky life, but I must say Homa is the one I can go to every time and receive a gift of freedom and peace I have rarely had before."

~ Mary Ann M.

"Homa has helped me to witness my feelings, rather than let my feelings control me. Using body work with meditation deepens the experience and leads to true healing. Homa has truly healed me both physically, mentally and emotionally. I am very grateful to Homa and highly recommend her services for anyone who wants to increase their self awareness both internally and externally."

~ Terrie F.J.

"I have searched for years to find a highly skilled massage therapist who works from both an intuitive and a spiritual base. Homa embodies the best of these abilities and qualities along with a very healing touch. The longer I know her and experience her work, the deeper and more profound are the effects. I would highly recommend her to those who are interested in an ongoing healing, life-enhancing bodywork experience."

~ Barbara N.